Trump owes Obama big time



As he faced both the nation and press,

I inherited, Trump said, a mess.

But the opposite’s true.

Give Obama his due.

He left his successor success.





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  • In one sense, that's correct. The exchanges may be broken down, but the Tea Baggers and Psychos are not getting their wish that the Affordable Care Act be repealed and sent back to status quo ante 2008. No matter what the liars say, instead of repeal and replace, whatever happens will be amendment, which the Tea Baggers could have done 4 years ago instead of passing ~45 repeal bills. However, they wanted the issue and apparently someone who needs the mental health benefits as much as they do. In fact, there are some reports that federal Medicaid spending will be increased including for states like Texas that didn't want it. Either the loons were scared at the town meetings, or are hypocrites.

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