The brain turds of Kellyanne Conway



Kellyanne  thinks  she can peddle the bull

And over our eyes just keep pulling the wool.

She changes each topic

Like she’s gyroscopic

And dumps in each interview piles of  stool.


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  • The correct term has nothing to do with "brain."

  • Related to both topics is this lack of logic on the part of Spicer, or was it another Melissa McCarthy routine?

    This crowd may "think" they are fooling a certain number of Facebook trolls, but not much anyone else.

  • In the meantime Chicago Now gives us news we can use (permanent link for one of the video inserts).

  • Orange Face said that deals get better done on a golf course that he owns. I wonder if someone who claimed here that he paid $12 for a GroupOn for miniature golf feels that his candidate represents the working class?

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