The 2017 Oscars: Accountants in La La Land



When the Oscars ran long  I retired in a stupor.

Not surprising since I’m a resigned party pooper.

But  I now have to laugh

At the Best Picture gaffe

Of those stuffed shirts who work at PriceWaterhouseCooper.


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  • 1. PWC is one word. Why, I don't know.
    2. This shows that the "kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnalls porch since noon today" worked better. Problem seems to be that there were two mayonnaise jars.*

    *BTW, Tony's had Kraft for $1.99/jar, but the jar was only 30 oz. Did not say who ate the other 2. Still better than $3.75.

  • Thanks, Jack. I saw it as one word online. Thought it was a mistake.

    On your second point: was it Carson who used to say that?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Actually Ed McMahon on the intro to the Carnac the Magnificent segment. YouTube sample.

  • Very well put. Just goes to show the value of waiting for coverage in the morning media instead of wasting sleep!

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