At Florida rally, Trump takes the Lord's name in vain




Melania opened the rally with prayer

To which Trump’s reaction was odd.

He praised to the heavens the sayer

And took the attention off God.

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  • If the Lord had a pu88y to grab....

    Two related religious article imported into the Daily Herald, one for you:
    Kathryn Lopez. "I used to host a radio show with Steve Bannon. ....It was a Catholic radio show, and we talked about life and faith and how you integrate the two. "

    Does Pope Francis still have excommunication problems?

  • In reply to jack:

    I meant powers.

  • And, since only one link per post, another confirming what I said one anti-Semite was trying to foment here:
    Tensions over Trump deepen fractures among American Jews. In short, if you are are reporter from an Orthodox magazine and try to butter up der Führer, he still tells you to sit down. John McCain said something similar yesterday, but has allowed der Führer to cr@p on him for two years.

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