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Trump can't stomach what Obama has been cooking up

  “President Trump said in an exclusive interview Tuesday that he believes former President Barack Obama and his top aides are behind the protests and leaks that have tormented the new administration – and he doesn’t expect it to stop anytime soon.”  []   Trump considers Obama a masterful nemesis. The plotter of protests on... Read more »

The 2017 Oscars: Accountants in La La Land

  When the Oscars ran long  I retired in a stupor. Not surprising since I’m a resigned party pooper. But  I now have to laugh At the Best Picture gaffe Of those stuffed shirts who work at PriceWaterhouseCooper.

Mr. Pence, flags matter. Next time do your due diligence.

  The Vice-President’s  taking some  heat For confusing two flags in a tweet. Nicaragua’s a blue As does Israel too, Otherwise they are clearly  discrete.    

At the D.C. Correspondents' dinner Trump doesn't relish getting the bird

  To the  press corps in Washington’s feast Trump regrets he’s unable to go; There is nothing that he enjoys least Than a generous serving of crow.

The Flotus we barely notice

  “First Lady Melania Trump is unhappy with the turn her life has taken since her husband was elected President of the United States.According to sources speaking with US Weekly, the wife of Donald Trump didn’t sign up to be in the political spotlight when she married him in 2005. The reluctance to play the... Read more »

A fine bromance in the White House

  Priebus and Bannon in mutual bliss. To see them at CPAC you would  conclude this. They did giggle and stare Like an amorous pair And it seemed very likely they’d end with a kiss.  

The Potus loves a pot of meatloaf

  “No matter how you mash it, no matter how you shape it, it seems President Trump has yet to meet a meatloaf he doesn’t love.”  []   The favorite entree of Trump I have found Is a dish that perhaps everybody has downed. What he gobbles in droves Are all kinds of meatloaves Which... Read more »

Sean Spicer, answer me this

  “The thing I really question here, however, is that if George Soros is doling out millions to people who are willing to walk around for a sign for half a day, then why isn’t he being hailed as the greatest job creator in all of America? Or whoever it is that is supposedly paying... Read more »

Did Trump display a new kind of Stockholm Syndrome?

  Trump has offended our allies, the Swedes; By alleging that there were bad terrorist deeds. He saw it on Fox, On his idiot box, Which is like a defendant who ignorance pleads.

What on Earth? Kyrie Irving's flattened view

  “While Irving admitted he was taught the earth is round, he believes it has caused much of humanity to be brainwashed. His argument points to the fact people are taught the earth is round from an early age without a chance to form their own opinion.”  []   The NBA star Kyrie Irving Contends... Read more »