Senate is poised to confirm EPA scourge

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“In 2014, for instance, Pruitt sued to block the EPA’s Regional Haze Rule. The rule is built on a 15-year-old program meant to ensure that air around national parks is especially clear. Pruitt lost his case.”  []


For the EPA Trump’s nominee is Scott Pruitt

Who as Sooner A.G. did oppose it and sue it.

He never will foil

Depredations for oil

And if Trump says to let them pollute, he would  do it.


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  • Well said, AW. You got the categories covered, too...Write on!

  • I guess that's why the EPA was shut down yesterday.

    What concerns me more is that the twitter war continues, but I guess that's what happens when the insane minority elected an insane person.

  • I don't criticize lawyers for representing the interests of their clients. That is their job. However, it seems that Scott Pruitt made the policy decision to join Oklahoma’s largest utility company, OG&E in filing this suit against the EPA. Having made this policy decision, he was no longer operating simply as Oklahoma's attorney and it is fair to hold him accountable.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    That raises the question who he was representing in the name of the People of the State of Oklahoma. At least Lisa Madigan made the policy decision that she was going to channel Eliot Spitzer (as a consumer advocate, not a suspected violator of the Mann Act) in jumping into all consumer fraud act class actions, but I don't recall her intervening on the side of Exelon Nuclear.

    Let's also remember that Rick Perry vowed to close the cabinet department to which he was nominated, if he can ever remember what it is.

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