Mr. President, it's time you fess up to your Russian connections

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“Donald Trump has dismissed allegations that he’s in some way connected to Russian attempts to influence the presidential election as nothing but a “political witch hunt.”But a number of reports in the past couple of weeks have revealed that according to unnamed sources, investigators from six different US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been looking into possible links between Russian officials and Trump’s presidential campaign as far back as last spring.”   []


In Russia, it’s clear, Trump’s a popular pol.

To be Putin’s partner could now be his role.

What explains their euphoria?

This Kremlin-linked  Gloria?

They know they are holding an ace in the hole.




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  • He will after he reschedules his appearance at UIC and discloses his tax returns. Meanwhile, Chef can go back home.

  • He'll never do it. Rather, he will offer up what Kellyanne Conway termed today on NBC an "alternate fact."

  • As she did on CBS, ABC, and elsewhere. Then she reported back to the fuehrer..

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