Comey embraces Trump. Again.


Under Clinton’s campaign Comey pulled out the rug;

When challenged about it he only would shrug.

To compound his sin

Of helping Trump win

He greets his new Boss with a handshake and hug.


Image result for picture of comey talking about clinton letter

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  • I don't have any point going back to Comey. However, I did notice this strange coincidence.

    There was a discussion here about a year ago whether what Hillary was doing violated (in a civil law sense) the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Similarly, Emanuel claimed that email on his private account did not constitute a public records subject to the state FOIA.

    However, neither was like Sarah Palin who used an insecure Yahoo account, or using @icloud dot com or att dot net. They had @clintonemail and @rahmemail. Like I indicated, something was up that was not entirely on the up and up.

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