Why are the Republicans blase about Putin's interference in the presidential election?



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There’s clear evidence Putin ordered a hack;

But where is the outrage Republicans lack?

The GOP apathy has no other reason

Except playing politics.  I call that treason.


Donald Trump tweeted this morning asking why the White House was so concerned with the Russian hacks now - suggesting it had to do with the election result 


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  • But Trump spokesmen like Chef would say that it's just Trump thumping, except I cut off his @$$ at the pass.

    Also, I heard on the radio that the tweet was false.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes, Jack, I am on the Trump payroll, so feel free to address your future complaints to me directly.

  • Maybe nobody but bitter MarxiCrats take this seriously is because there is no concrete evidence of hacking. There is only the leaks from the DNC, and nobody is refuting the truth of those leaked Podesta emails, that Bernie was cheated, that the DNC dissed POC and gays and women and Jews and all those they profess love for.

    Here is a second thing, addressed by the Great Obama himself a few months ago: the US voting system is so decentralized that hacking would be impossible. Then he told Trump, my employer, that he should stop whining and go get votes.

    So, maybe your two bromancers can tell us deplorable's what exactly what it that was hacked, especially since the Screeching One won the popular vote... were the voting machines hacked, even the ones where you draw betwix the arrows; or was the vote count hacked? Which? Any?

    Face the facts: Hillary was a bad candidate. She had no platform, offered only a vanilla dose of Obama, and was completely out of touch with ordinary people and offered no optimistic view of anything. Not to mention she is a physically sick woman.

    The big lie is what it is: Big bad Putin, who was told to "knock it off" by our prez who put on his Big Mom Jeans, and Putin did. Or did he? Or didn't he?

    And now you guys love the CIA, the same spooks you hated because they "lied" about the weapons of mass destruction to GWB.

    Give each other a "Hug-Me-Hillary" doll for Christmas and find cry in each other's arms. LOL.


  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    The Washington Post is now reporting that the FBI agrees with the CIA that Russia intervened to help Trump win. Did Trump write your script or did he merely pass it through from his handler, Putin.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Radio report with President Obama saying he told Putin before the election to knock it off, and we have the ability to retaliate. I guess Obama has a month to do so before those deniers on the Trump payroll (see above) apologize to Putin.

    Chef still hasn't explained why it was o.k. for Putin to interfere, except of course the end that his paymaster got elected. And, as I indicated 20 minutes ago, he won't.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    Sorry that I didn't cut your @$$ off at the pass, but since you admit "I am on the Trump payroll" your credibility on the facts is zero.

    Also, there is no point in " address[ing] your future complaints to me directly" since you don't reply when someone does, but just repeat your rants about Thumping. Maybe you are now trying to obfuscate what was hacked (clearly DNC was) but you sure haven't demonstrated that you have any independent source of evidence, but can only repeat your employer's rants, such a Pathetic.

    You're fired Chef.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    Chef, the Marxicrats are in your own jackass stable. After all your leader is the sycophant of breeder Putin.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Now, we'll see if Chef addresses this "directly." Being a chicken filled ravioli with only the Breitbart Thesaurus, we can bet on what the answer is.

    But that does raise the question how Chef's employer can "Make America Great Again" by being subservient to Putin? Does the Breitbart Cyclopedia of Lack of Knowledge have an answer for him to parrot? Or does he have to go back to the moot sport of Hillary Thumping?

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