Trump's swamp pledge goes down the drain

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Corrupt politicians and lobbyists romp

In our national capital that Trump calls a  swamp.

“I promise to drain it” he often has vowed.

But it seems that  he merely will add to its crowd.


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  • He thinks he is cleaning the Washington swamp by bringing in plutocrat alligators. One of the recent controversies is that his bankruptcy lawyer doesn't look like he'll get more work (somehow, suddenly, all the NLRB complaints and the TU class action were settled, too), so he now wants to be an ambassador. (That describes the controversy in the most neutral terms possible.)

    The bigger swamp is that der junge either are or aren't involved in a scheme to sell access in return to donations to so called charities. It wasn't mentioned in the article that some hypocrite accused the former Secretary of State of that.

    If Republicans could use one block to block anything in the Senate, I suppose the Dems now can, too.

  • In reply to jack:

    I agree. I don't think you can drain a swamp by adding new swamp creatures, although you can cause it to overflow. As for the existing swamp creatures, I haven't heard rumors of lobbyists seeking new lines of work, have you?

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