Trump would have been Mrs. Malaprop's favorite president

Donald Trump unpresidented, Donald Trump China


Trump’s not a grammarian proper and prim;

In the sense of semantics he misses the rim.

Perhaps he was tired

When this tweet was fired.

Nonetheless I would like to unpresident him.


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  • I see Trump has won your vote.

    Everybody on Chicagonow would like to "unpresident" him, except for me.

    He is existing in your head 24/7. He has crowded out all your Democrat heroes. You don't write about them anymore it seems.

    Maybe you can write a nice "think" piece on what the US would look like four years from now had Hillary won. That way you can prime the pump for her 2020 run. Or maybe something sweet about Liz Warren, Native American, otherwise known as "Fauxahontis" and tell her story about how nobody builds anything without the government's heavy supportive hand? Or an imagination of what eight more years of Obama would be like for the US.

    Be positive is all I'm saying.

    Be joyful you still live in a dark blue, broke city and state still run by MarxiCrats, as has been the case for eighty years or so. You are in a safe space, surrounded by snowflakes. In fact I expect Jack the Snowflake to flutter down soon to support you and jest with me.

    No Merry Christmas for you, but instead a PC "Happy Holidays".

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    Since you have admitted you are on the Trump payroll, maybe you can tell us how much he is wasting (actual dollar amounts, please) for this low rate of return. Maybe that's why he had a bankruptcy lawyer on retainer.

    And you are certainly deluded if you think Hillary will be a viable candidate. But someone at Breitbart must be pushing your Hillary Thumping. Keep cooking the strawmen with your doktorskya, Chef.

    As you asked, I responded to you directly, but you are too chicken fricasee to give me thfe same courtesy. Sad! Pathetic! #fascist #hypocriite.#bigot. Your post speaks for itself.

  • "The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." Thomas Paine

    Merry Christmas, Chef, and thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Strange that Chef and his hero are concerned about Chinese Marxcrats, but not about the unpresidented hacking by their fascist hero, the shirtless horseman.

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