Truth has no place in the World of Trump

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It’s said metaphorically ere they retire

That the pants of  the pols often do catch on fire.

But our  next president

Comes with no precedent,

He’s the greatest, indeed, pathological liar.



Image result for picture of trump's lies



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  • But he didn't lie about Caitlyn Jenner using any washroom she wanted.. His supporter(s) lied about caring about that. Certain other of his supporters lied about caring about a balanced budget. Also,he apparently didn't lie about not paying taxes.

  • "What people believe prevails over the truth."
    SOPHOCLES, fragment, The Sons of Aleus

    Trump knew in the twenty-first century A.D. what Sophocles knew in the fifth century B.C.

  • Well, at least we have that time-honored test for whether he's lying.
    It's when his lips are moving.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    However, since you brought up "personal news feed" in your blog, that test is no longer universal, as swiping his nose on the iPhone seems a more frequently used method. Pinocchio was about 130 years before his time.

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