Trump's inner circle is the first step in betraying his voters

Image result for pictures of trump with pence, giuliani, gingrich and priebus

For change Trump ran as an outsider;

Denounced beltway and lobbyist loot.

So whom does he gather around him?

Giuliani, Pence, Priebus, and Newt.


Donald Trump (L) gives a speech next to Reince Priebus on election night in New York, 9 November



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  • But he gave Bannon a job, so the alt Right is satisfied. Also, if chaos is the purpose, Rudy seems to be suffering some sort of dementia. He sure isn't the Rudy of 15 years ago.

  • I expect Trump supporters will argue that Giuliani is a pure Beltway outsider, like Bannon, since he never lived or held office in Washington. The same argument will probably be used for Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon who are said to be under consideration for Secretary of the Treasury. On the other hand, I have trouble viewing them as "outsiders".

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