Sieg heil, Trump


You’ll infuriate the Fuhrer, your President Trump,

If you disobey  taking a loose step.

How parlous ’twill be on the log any bump;

Much safer a “Hail!” and a goosestep.


Image result for picture of people saluting hitler


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  • But now Trump has whispered to the New York Times that he is really opposed to all this. As the NYT reports it, "He vigorously denounced a white nationalist conference last weekend in Washington, where attendees gave the Nazi salute and criticized Jews."

    But this won't be official until he tweets it.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Why doesn't he "vigorously" denounce it in public, and show he means it by jettisoning Bannon?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    That's why I don't believe any of the cr@p, one way or the other. Apparently he needed the KKK and similar votes, and certainly courted them. Now there's stuff like the 40 Tea Party members of the House are going to bolt him, but that's about as likely as that they were going to throw out Paul Ryan before reelecting him unanimously. Also, some fiction article about how Breitbart is unhappy, even though Bannon got a job.

    As jnorto did point out, it isn't official until the tweet. Someone was just being pragmatic enough to realize that he needs the NYT (otherwise known as the liberal media by Breitbart citers) off his back.

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