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The weight of the presidency will now be on Trump

  Now Trump will be put to the test. Though I’m not sure how well he has known it. His decisions will be second-guessed And each policy failure he’ll own it.

The bridges we needed to build were just Trumped

  The election was jaw-dropping, stunning; It’s too painful for me to look back. There’s good reason that scared we are running; As the future we try to unpack.  

Whether their candidate wins or loses, Republicans must recalibrate their moral compass

  The campaign has lasted for ages And it’s clear to me now as it ends They’ll be writing in history’s pages How Trump branded hisĀ  GOP friends.        

For the victorious Cubs, great expectations loom

  Their championship rings in our heads, giddy, spinning. How easy it is to get used to the winning. After parading, and boasting, and boozing, We wait until next year, and won’t accept losing.

Putin and Trump: Two peas in a pod

“Trump has repeatedly lauded Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for their ability to control their people.” []   Why is it that Russia does want a Trump win? The question’s ignored by the e-mail din. Is it that Trump caters To fascist dictators Like Assad, Kim Jong-un, and Putin?  

In Michelle's garden, Trump's a persona non grata

  “On Wednesday afternoon, Michelle Obama lifted a very green, organic middle finger to any unnamed future presidents who might want to fuck with her hard-won White House Kitchen Garden. The garden has been updated with steel, concrete, and stone, ostensibly so that a certain KFC-hoovering troglodyte would have a hard time getting rid of... Read more »