In Michelle's garden, Trump's a persona non grata

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“On Wednesday afternoon, Michelle Obama lifted a very green, organic middle finger to any unnamed future presidents who might want to fuck with her hard-won White House Kitchen Garden. The garden has been updated with steel, concrete, and stone, ostensibly so that a certain KFC-hoovering troglodyte would have a hard time getting rid of it quietly.”  [Politico]


The garden of Michelle might  have been kaput.

The garden and all it  created.

It’s likely if Trump wins he’d  pull out each root.

He hates anything cultivated.


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  • If he got in, could Donald tear out the garden and put in a high-end restaurant serving Trump steaks and wine?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Sounds plausible and totally in character. He'd likely put video gambling in the Oval Office.

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