A tagline for the Trump administration

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For Clinton I voted for which I am proud.

And I firmly believe she did win too.

In no time at all  we’ll be crying out loud,

“Here’s another fine mess he’s got into!”


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  • There was a reference in the Tribune (original here), about how the alt-right were neo-Nazi computer punks "who, 'for fun and notoriety ... like to troll, prank and provoke.'" Apparently we ran into one who somehow was told that that was cool, but as you note above, has resulted in a situation about which Stan Laurel would not get a laugh.

    The author, though, points out that it isn't anything different than the old Nazis.

  • This is so observant that while I didn't have any comment when I first read it, I need to comment now. I can't get those matching smiles out of my mind when I see, well, the top one. Thank you for a great line.

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