Thoughts on the first presidential debate

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Who will win the first debate?

Whoever is your candidate.

Unless you haven’t yet decided.

Then by good sense you should be guided.

And if you truly are objective,

You’ll sift their words like a detective

Who looks for clues to solve the case

And finds it can’t  be Orange Face.

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  • Gary Johnson wasn't invited, so if it doesn't feature the Wake and Bake Club, and the only excitement will be if it turns out like an unscripted Monday Night Raw. They haven't promoted that Ivanka and Chelsea will be on the undercard in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match, nor that we will see an orange something else (rhymes with duck or venus, but certainly not being the latter) depicted on the Indecline statue.

  • Thinking about it, keeping Johnson out is like what would have happened if Admiral Stockdale had been left out in 1992--no comic relief.

    If Marco Rubio were there, we could have had a "you're no Jack Kennedy" moment, not that it did Lloyd Bentsen any good.

    Of course, those were so memorable that I had to Google Stockdale and Bentsen to get their names right. Some day, when questionable developers quit paying to have a tarnished brand on their buildings, people might have to do similarly.

    BTW, I just talked to my mother in Fla., and she said that Bondi is so dumb, that when she was the prosecutor in Hillsborough County, she adopted a Katrina dog but sued when she was asked to give it back to the owner, but what's his name whose name is on the Mar-a-Lago Resort has been her friend for a long time because she is a hot blond.

  • In reply to jack:

    I love your takes.

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