The first presidential debate exposes the real Trump. Again.

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Trump gained  from the great housing  bubble.

Redlining  his buildings,  he got into trouble.

And  he calls it an art

When he deals without heart.

But it’s clear that his dealing is double.


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  • The main thing exposed (other than by Indecline) in the debate is that when Trump had to disclose a tax return to state gambling regulators, Trump (like most of his supporters who worry about their jobs cleaning toilets and asking "do you want fries with this?" and hence worry about Mexican immigration that tapered off years ago) does not pay federal income tax. Not only did he not deny that, he embraced it as smart.

    Jennifer Rubin, in "Trumps's ingrained racism"* in "The Right Turn" (note, again, not a lib., but one of many conservative commentators against Trump), picked up on the housing discrimination point, but also got to the patronizing anti-Semite point I was trying to make earlier:

    At the Republican Jewish Coalition summit last year, Trump resorted to the anti-Semitic trope that Jews are all about money (“You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money”; “I’m a negotiator — like you folks.”) ...
    “Trump Management believes that Jewish tenants are the best tenants.” Another agent was instructed to rent only to “Jews and executives” and to disregard the applications of blacks.

    It’s called “affirmative prejudice” (e.g. Jews control media, Jews are all rich)..

    I guess that's why someone thought Ivanka married one. And I'm sure that someone will bring up that "Trump didn't admit fault in the settlement," notwithstanding that nobody admits fault in a settlement, and this column says he violated the settlement.
    *First seen in the Tribune.

  • Also it has been noted that this guy who claims to cure working people's problems, has various unfair labor practice charges pending against the Trump-Ruffin Las Vegas Hotel venture. (Union source, but it links to the NLRB complaint, which is the primary source.)

    And for someone who posted elsewhere "do you want another Ferguson?" let's consider how much Trump did to cure economic problems in Atlantic City, or more close by, Gary, Indiana.

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