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The first presidential debate exposes the real Trump. Again.

  Trump gained  from the great housing  bubble. Redlining  his buildings,  he got into trouble. And  he calls it an art When he deals without heart. But it’s clear that his dealing is double.

Trump's debate performance was watered down

So ends the Great Debate; The first. Hillary was brilliant. Trump slaked his thirst!

Thoughts on the first presidential debate

  Who will win the first debate? Whoever is your candidate. Unless you haven’t yet decided. Then by good sense you should be guided. And if you truly are objective, You’ll sift their words like a detective Who looks for clues to solve the case And finds it can’t  be Orange Face.

Playing the fool as usual, Trump has the gall to call Robert Gates "a clown"

  Trump says Robert Gates is a clown Which is his way of tearing him down. But you don’t need a Nestor To know the true jester Is Trump whose dunce cap is his crown.

Memo to Jimmy Fallon: You're no David Letterman

  You had a chance but blew it With Trump as your guest; You could have made him rue it, And challenged him at best. Instead, you failed to do it, So he ‘d let his hair be messed.

In trivializing the Shoah, Donald Trump Jr. shows he's a chip off the old blockhead

    “Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday suggested the media has helped Hillary Clinton by letting her ‘slide’ on ‘every lie’ and said that if Republicans did the same, the media would be ‘warming up the gas chamber’ for them.”  []   Alluding to gas chambers Donald Trump Jr. In hammering Hillary Couldn’t be loonier.... Read more »

Trump's own opinion of his health

    Trump says he feels the same as when he was thirty: Narcissistic, greedy, ruthless, bombastic  and flirty.

A new Hillary conspiracy theory: the doppelganger

“Supporters of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, believe his Democratic opponent is using a body double to hide the severity of her medical condition, and they say they have the photographic evidence to back it up.”  [] The latest conspiracy from the Right bubble Says Hillary’s campaign is using a double. The idea’s uncouth And... Read more »

Deplorable is the right word for the insiders who run Trump's campaign

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist and Trump zealot   I’ve a question for Trump and  I’ll ask it. Why does your campaign blow a  gasket When it’s said  Alex Jones, And his legion of clones, And the clown from Breitbart’s  in your basket?    

How the two presidential campaigns essentially differ

  Some say the race for president Is filled with asymmetrics. While Hillary talks policy, The Donald does his pet tricks.