Age is nothing but a number? A brief reply.

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Age is nothing but a number;

Although my own’s a fair amount.

But I’m relieved whene’er I slumber

To wake up and renew the count.

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  • As my retired buddy at the 'watering hole' says (every time), every day's a holiday!

  • Well put. My age can feel like an unfair amount at times. Thanks.

  • In related news, while I was born in St. Margaret's Hospital, it looks like I won't croak there,because, by some edict in the name of the Pope, St. Margaret's, St. James's, St. Anthony's, etc. become Franciscan Health Hammond, Franciscan Health Chicago Heights, Franciscan Health Crown Point, etc., but for some reason known only through divine intervention, Franciscan Health Munster remains Franciscan Health Munster.

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