Thoughts on a muggy day

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“‘It’s kind of like walking through a swamp really. It’s one of those kind of weather when you’re breathing the air and you feel like you kind of have to push away to get through,’ said Joe Mandel, who spoke with ABC7 in Chicago’s Loop.”  []


My bad disposition

And disgruntled viewpoint

Would really improve

With a much lower dew point.

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  • It was supposed to be cooler the past couple of days,but I've had to run the A/C because despite what various ABC7 meteorologists have predicted, it is still muggy, Now the storm that dropped 24" of rain in New Orleans is supposed to head in this direction, but like most things, stop in the Southland.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yeah, I waited for relief this weekend and where was it? About that moisture headed this way, not good news. I live in the Southland.

  • Normally, your glasses fogging up is reserved for the winter, but getting in and out of an AC car, or walking in and out of your house, or even a store or restaurant, necessitates wiping the glasses or sunglasses on a piece of cloth. The humidity in the bathroom from showers never seems to dissipate and heaven help if you leave the clothing in the dryer when the cycle is done....Half an hour later the clothes feel as if they haven't been dried at all. It has been a long while since we have had humidity like this. But the beauty of living here is that just about the time you feel that you simply cannot stand any more, it changes. We have to remember our complaining come January when we are wiping the fog off the glasses for an entirely different reason.

  • In reply to Sue Fitzpatrick:

    Bespectacled, I've had the same annoying experience, Sue. Well put. A change in the weather can't come too soon.

  • In reply to Sue Fitzpatrick:

    When I had my shower replaced (definitely looked like one of the "before" in the commercials) the sales rep said I had an unhealthy amount of mold and need to run the fan until it looks dry.

    I wondered why people in Florida have damp rid all over the place; now I know.

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