Mr. Trump, why don't you address a black audience?


It’s a fact that Trump’s losing the fight.

So he’s wooing black votes with all might.

But whenever he speaks

To these voters he seeks

The crowd more or less is all white.


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  • I pretty much debated the substance with Berkowitz.* But, essentially Trump doesn't have to do so when they'll vote for a fascist because they have nothing to lose, and Ivanka is going to marry Kenneth Faried, have his babies, and sew up the Black LGBT vote, to boot. Maybe Barron von Trump will marry a Jewish guy to avoid losing that block. Some site says Adam Lambert is available.

    *You can try to figure Berkowitz out by yourself, but the gist of it seems to be that Trump is trying to convince Paul Ryan Republicans that he cares for Blacks just as much as Paul does, and thus is a safe vote for Republicans on the fence. Berkowitz believes that Trump should appear before North Lawndale College Prep Charter School to extol the virtues of charter schools, but my money is elsewhere.

  • BTW, why did 4zen induce tronc to embed here a video attacking Rex Huppke? Did Breitbart pay off someone else?

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