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Overcoming the tragedy in Dallas

  “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. If not, we will perish.”  [Congressman John Lewis]   In Dallas five innocent officers died Protecting the right of assembly outside. Let us not solely call out Whose fault in the fallout. But heal the wounds joining hands unified.

Thoughts on Trump's moral core

  I’ve tried to have humility For pride could be a sin. But imagine its futility If Donald Trump does win.

Careless Hillary goes from the frying pan into the fire

  James Comey says not to  indict But reprimands lax Hillary. She is absolved but still must face The GOP artillery.

On growing old with America

  The years pass by with stunning speed; Just now I did accrue one. One day I was a certain age. The next I am a new one.

My fondest hope on this 4th of July

  On the  4th of July let us all  celebrate The American Revolution. But instead of the fireworks, I think,  it’d be  great If we read the Constitution.

Noah becomes the center of attention in New York

  Adieu to Joakim Noah Thanks for his  fire and passion. He  left us for more dough-ah. So  glad he got to cash in.  

A minority report on the Fourth of July

  Of the Fourth I am not a big backer The explosions unsettle my nerves. When it goes off  each damn  firecracker Gets the curses I think it deserves.