Careless Hillary goes from the frying pan into the fire



James Comey says not to  indict

But reprimands lax Hillary.

She is absolved but still must face

The GOP artillery.

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  • Very well put, my friend. She would be fired from so many other jobs that she can't even imagine.

  • I'm still waiting for James Comey. Ban Ki Moon, and the head of the World Bank to send me a prepaid ATM card for the money they discovered.

    The one thing that did surprise me is that Comey said during the news conference that the identity of the private domain could have been detected through unencrypted transmissions while overseas.

  • I don't know. Comey may have supplied the GOP artillery with some ammunition, but with or without his reprimand the bombardment was bound to happen after the decision against charging her was reported.

  • In reply to jnorto: indicated by the Congressional committee immediately calling him in.

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