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Will Brexit help elect Trump?

  “Trump had expressed support for the Brexit in the past. On Friday, he likened voters’ decision in the U.K. to the U.S. presidential election. ‘People want to take their country back and have independence. You’re going to have many other cases where they want to take their borders back,” he said. “They want to... Read more »

For survival the GOP may have to throw Trump to the wolves

To many Republicans Trump’s  a pariah. They wouldn’t respond to him if he said “Hi, ya.” They know their defection Will lose the election. But think of him like he were Iphigenia.* *Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to appease the goddess Artemis so he could set sail and eventually win the war against Troy and... Read more »

No sensible gun regulations until the GOP gets out of bed with the NRA

  The Republican Congress won’t act on gun violence. The furthest it goes is a moment of silence. Though the Democrats muster A game filibuster, Too strong is the NRA Right-wing alliance.

Putin resorts to cyber-skullduggery to vet Trump

  “Two groups of Russian hackers, working for competing government intelligence agencies, penetrated computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and gained access to emails, chats and a trove of opposition research against Donald J. Trump, according to the party and a cybersecurity firm.” []   Trump’s D.N.C. file’s been hacked. The Russians are guilty... Read more »

Meryl Streep transgenders into Trump

  Imitation does not always  flatter. When  Streep oranged  her face and got fatter, She  was mimicking Trump For the Dem or mugwump And for all to laugh with and not at ‘er.

Trump questions integrity of federal judge on the grounds of ethnicity

  People are wise to show judges respect. Whether appointed or those we elect. But a  judge in Trump’s lexicon Is unfair since he’s Mexican. Totally dumb! If I may interject.

Reflections on the passing of Muhammad Ali

  Death has taken Muhammad Ali far away. The  pugilist poet, the “Greatest” they say. In the ring  was a showman; Who was better?  Was no man.. But what a steep price did he pay.    

Trump's candidacy even baffles Hawking

  “Stephen Hawking has said that he fails to understand the popularity of Donald Trump, the presumptive US Republican presidential candidate.” []   Stephen Hawking the Cosmos can’t stump; From Big Bang to Black Hole he’ll jump. Comprehends singularities And quantum polarities, But  can’t get his arms around Trump.