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Despite his swaggering saber-rattling, Trump's the best thing Isis has going for it

  “Donald Trump has damaged American security, says former CIA and NSA director Gen. Michael Hayden in an interview with The Guardian. ‘The jihadist narrative is that there is undying enmity between Islam and the modern world so when Trump says they all hate us, he’s using their narrative,’ Hayden said. ‘He’s feeding their recruitment... Read more »

Trump backs down from a debate with Bernie: So Donald!

  Says Trump, “Bernie, why not debate?” Says Bernie to Trump, “Set the date. But Trump weasels out, Which is what he’s about. Since in changing positions, he’s great.

'Money-grubbing' Trump no match for Elizabeth Warren

  “Donald Trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap,” she belted with indignation, adding that Trump was “a small, insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it.”  [Elizabeth Warren, quoted on... Read more »

Donald Trump says he hardly reads as Lincoln turns over in his grave.

“Favorite book? ‘All Quiet on the Western Front,’replied Trump. Last book read? Uh, none. ‘It’s been so long,’ he said. “‘ read passages, I read … areas, I read chapters … I just, I don’t have the time. I mean, when was the last time I watched a baseball game?'”  [In the recent interview with... Read more »

Trump damns Bill's roving eye but doesn't see the mote in his.

  The sins of the flesh most would tend to condone; But Trump condemns Clinton for those like his own. Hasn’t he read What the Good Book has said? If you aren’t sinless, don’t cast the first stone.

Why Trump will not release his tax returns

  ” Once again thumbing his nose at a time-honored tradition, Donald J. Trump said Friday that he does not believe voters have a right to see his tax returns, and he insisted it was ‘none of your business’ when pressed on what tax rate he pays.”[]   We haven’t seen Trump’s tax returns. He ... Read more »

Bobby Knight's on team Trump, or Blowhards unite!

  “I have never voted. I’m not here to represent the Republican Party. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn about the Republicans. And on the other hand I don’t give a damn about the Democrats either.” [Bobby Knight, quoted on]   That the great  ignoramus Bob  Knight Would  be for Donald Trump  seems... Read more »

A foolish inconsistency is the hobgoblin of Trump's little mind

  “Washington (CNN)Donald Trump, who issued a December press release ‘calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,’ said Wednesday such a ban ‘hasn’t been called for yet’and it was ‘only a suggestion.'”   Trump’s said that  all Muslims be banned And should  not set their feet  on our land.... Read more »

Mr. Speaker, don't let your party's presumptive nominee intimidate you!

  When Donald met Ryan It made us all wonder. Would the Speaker sell out Or stand pat and asunder? From what I have heard Coming out of the Speaker He may back the Absurd, Which would show who’s  the weaker.  

Name-calling is Trump's idea of the bully pulpit

    “Lyin’ Ted. Little Marco. Jeb ‘Low Energy”’Bush.” If there’s one thing Donald Trump has done very well this campaign season, its[sic] come with catchy nicknames for his opponents. Now, the Republican frontrunner has one for Hillary Clinton, his potential rival in the general election this fall: Crooked Hillary.”  {}   For his foes... Read more »