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Cruz can't be the Republican Satan; there already is one

“John Boehner sounded off a litany of insults for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz Wednesday night, labelling the Texas senator ‘Lucifer in the flesh’ and a ‘miserable son of a bitch.'” []   Cruz is ‘Lucifer in the flesh’? The analogy temptingly limps. The meme has a much better mesh If Dick Cheney’s the Lord... Read more »

Perfect game on tap for Arrieta?

  Tonight  Arrieta skewers The Milwaukee Brewers. Adding to his illustrious fame With a perfect game?

Bad actor Trump?

  “Donald Trump has been playing “a part” as a boisterous, angry, insult-spewing outsider but he will soften his persona for the general electorate if he wins the Republican presidential nomination, says a top adviser to Trump.” []   If you want to be president, It’s fairly essential You give the impression You are presidential.... Read more »

The invincible Jake Arrieta: Is he baseball's greatest pitcher... ever?

  His foes are the fodder For  farce-operetta. No pitcher is hotter Than Jake Arrieta.

The Purple Reign of Elizabeth II

  Here’s to the nonagenarian Queen Whose reign is the longest her country has seen. Whom age neither withers nor custom gnarls. I can’t say the same  for Prince Charles.  

What's in their wallets? It probably won't be Harriet Tubman.

  Harriet Tubman will be the new face On the $20 bill. Some supporters of Trump on account of her race Aren’t  happy that she will.    

Bernie Sanders meets a cumpari, Pope Francis

  “At first, it was uncertain whether Sanders would be able to secure any face-time with the understandably busy Pope, but the candidate was optimistic as he prepared for the trip, saying, “I certainly would be delighted and proud if I had the opportunity to meet with him.” Fortunately for him, his local liaison Bishop... Read more »

Senator Kirk says "No thanks" to his party's convention

  Senator Kirk will not attend The GOP’s convention. He knows of course that it might end A Senate term extension.

Eric and Ivanka Trump walled out of New York primary

  Two of Donald Trump’s children won’t be able to vote for their father in the New York primary next week, after failing to change their party affiliation in time for the state’s 19 April primary.”  []   In the state of New York’s primary Trump’s children will not vote. They failed to register in... Read more »

A coincidence on Puzzle Island

  I’ve written so often of the coincidences in my life, Gentle Reader, that  you might think it’s an obsession of mine. A bee in my bonnet. Well, I heard its buzz again. This morning—as I do every Sunday— I worked on another obsession of mine: the Quote-Acrostic.  It’s in the section the Tribune labels... Read more »