The difference between the Democrat and Republican primary campaigns: Class vs. Crass



Bernie’s won caucuses and  has momentum.

While Hillary assures us she doesn’t resent ‘im.

They’re in a good fight

But it’s not like the Right

Whose mudslinging  seems to dement ’em.

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  • It has been mentioned frequently, and especially in connection with the Wisconsin primary, that the Republican side has nothing to do with the issues. One of our commenters seems to revel in the side show. CNN seems to, too.

    Take, for instance, this article, which, besides making that point, has him double talking that Trump declined to apologize for going after Heidi Cruz or Kelly and downplayed his past derogatory comments about women by noting that he's a celebrity. "Certainly I never thought I would run for office," but I don't believe he said anything about Kelly until after the first debate, and that debate was not for contestants on Dancing with the Stars, but Republicans running for office.

    On another topic you previously brought up, the Republicans are already reaping the fruits of their "we won't give a hearing" tactic. Several class actions settled because the corporations thought they wouldn't get a "fair hearing" in the Supreme Court, and today a ruling on a public union agency fee was affirmed by an equally divided court. Maybe the Republicans hope their nominee appoints Caribou Barbie once she gets some experience playing Judge Judy. Surely they should worry about both of their candidates advocating positions that abrogate the1st and 14th Amendments.

  • Well Aquinas you officially turned Jack into something between 'Rain Man' and Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction', how about a new spin.

    After reading about all the unprecedented political moves like super delegates pledging to go against the popular vote and ex-candidates refusing to release their delegates in lieu of king making, it's painfully obvious that neither party has any 'class.'

    Again, there is only a semblance of a vote. It's an oligarchy.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    All over the radio: Mysogynist solidifies women's vote.

    Apparently the campaign staff of the hypocrite on the pro-life issue tried to walk this back.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    But, 4zen, apparently not you, and certainly your buffoon candidate knows how the constitutional process works. But he's gonna sue....anyone.

  • In reply to jack:

    What a bunch of horse hockey. You can take your 'constitutional process' and jam in your keister if it's in defense of what I just described.

    Smart is as smart does says Forrest and I don't know what kind of fool looks at what's been going on in this country for the past 25 years and asks for more of the same. You run around these boards everyday putting out Trump fires like ostrich on cocaine, all the while to cowardly to offer up your own candidate or any solutions.

    Until you man up and put some skin in the game don't bother me with your troll posts.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    " You can take your 'constitutional process' and jam in your keister"
    Then move to some parliamentary country then. Or maybe Putin is more to your liking.

    I explained my rights under the current electoral system. Since your intellectual capacity as reflected in your posts equals what your fearless leader says about his supporters, and like him, you are reduced to insults, don't reply to me.

  • I don't think kidneys last on a 14 hour flight, and I really don't want to save someone working for "Windows Tech Support" who puts malware on computers.

    Besides that, selling organs is illegal.

    Can't someone tell Jimmy Greenfield FINALLY to get a spam filter?

  • Nobody likes Donald Trump. Not even white men. Minus one sycophant who can't defend his position.

  • Made in China Ivanka Trump scarves recalled due to fire hazard. Now we know why his face looks like a forest fire.

  • Cruz gets the support of 0.01% of 3% of the electorate.

    On the other hand, Trump irked Jewish leaders earlier in the year by promising to remain neutral on prospective peace negotiations with the Israelis and Palestinians. And while his speech to a pro-Israel group in Washington last month was well-received, Trump's nativist rhetoric alienates some Jewish leaders who "are scared by the concept of Donald Trump and the presidency," said Republican Jewish attorney Charlie Spies.

    "No American politician should be compared to Hitler because of the unique, horrific nature of the Nazi genocide," said Spies, a former Jeb Bush supporter. "Having said that, there is an issue of tone and being able to whip up crowds, often directed at segments of society that get scapegoated. Anybody who has studied history would be concerned watching that.".

    I guess they were not listening to someone we used to know.

  • In reply to jack:


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