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Trump's opponents are not putting their money where their mouths are

  Stop peddling hate, they exhort him. And if Trump doesn’t, they will abort him. But Rubio and Cruz And Kasich refuse To insist that they will not support him.  

On freedom of speech at a Trump rally

  [The following was prompted by reading that a Progressive ChicagoNow blogger was going to attend a Trump rally] In life there is many a peril Floods, fires and animals feral. But add this to the rest: If you ever protest At Trump rallies, you’re fish in a barrel.

A punch line o' type: The Chicago Tribune endorses Rubio

  I like stand-up comics, a witty ad-lib; I laugh even when I’m the butt of a rib. So I had a guffaw As soon as  I saw The endorsement of Rubio now in the Trib.

In Thursday's debate Trump exposed this part of his body

  “Donald Trump on Thursday addressed the issue foremost on every voter’s mind—the state of his penis. The billionaire presidential candidate said at the Republican presidential debate that, with regard to his own endowment, ‘There is no problem. I guarantee you'” []   Trump’s hands may be small but it’s not. He implies that it’s... Read more »

Donald Trump Jr. has a defining moment

  “Donald Trump Jr., who is actively campaigning for his father, gave an interview on Tuesday on ‘Liberty Roundtable,’ a conservative Utah-based radio show hosted by Sam Bushman. During the show he was questioned by James Edwards, another radio host whose show ‘The Political Cesspool’ is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leading... Read more »