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On Nothing

    “But the one skill Maddon seemingly is proudest of is the art of doing nothing. According to the Cubs‘ manager, no one does nothing better than him. ‘I really enjoy that,’ he said. ‘I didn’t have enough chance to do nothing last offseason. I want more of an opportunity to do nothing, and... Read more »

The difference between the Democrat and Republican primary campaigns: Class vs. Crass

  Bernie’s won caucuses and  has momentum. While Hillary assures us she doesn’t resent ‘im. They’re in a good fight But it’s not like the Right Whose mudslinging  seems to dement ’em.

Republicans prepare for the worst. Armageddon cometh.

  Trump is not the candidate Republicans would choose. He’s bigoted and full of hate And missing several screws. So who would better head the slate? Would it be lying Cruz? Or Kasich whom some highly rate? No matter which, they’ll lose.  

In the Cubs camp, silence is golden

  The Cub fans see glory this Spring. With anticipation simmering. March may be the time For a” loquacious” mime By  October ’twill be deafening.            

Bernie Sanders wins the grammar vote

    [A study by Carnegie Mellon University of speeches by all candidates found that those of Bernie Sanders had the best grammar]   Bernie’s grammar is very expressive. He’s a natural, not an obsessive. He can tell lay from lie. And he is the right guy For the present and future progressive.

The vernal equinox and I

  It is the first full day of Spring. The days now  grow in length. It’s time to start the gardening. If I can find the strength.

Thoughts on the Adam LaRoche fiasco

  We hope every time that the truth will prevail. At issue is why the LaRoche talks did fail. Was Williams off base How he handled the case? Will the team in the end be for Sale?  

Are we watching Trump do in the GOP?

  Some say the Republican Party is dying. And Trump has it gasping for breath. It cannot believe what its base now is buying. Like taking political meth. And now in a panic, it’s wherefore-and-whying, While Democrats wait for its death.          

Joe Maddon is not high on banning chewing tobacco

  “Just eradicate tobacco, period, if you’re going to go that route. I’m not into over-legislating the human race. I’ll just have to listen and learn. If somebody else is going to make up his mind for me, I’m going to have a hard time with that. So that’s where I draw the line, but... Read more »

Trump in "The Game of Thrones"

  Direwolves, White walkers, and Wildlings. Oh my! The critically acclaimed and wildly popular HBO series “The Game of Thrones” returns for its sixth season on April 24. To its parade, I’ve come rather late.  Only a month ago.  But I’ve made up for lost time.  I just finished the first of George R.R. Martin’s... Read more »