Joe Maddon is not high on banning chewing tobacco

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“Just eradicate tobacco, period, if you’re going to go that route. I’m not into over-legislating the human race. I’ll just have to listen and learn. If somebody else is going to make up his mind for me, I’m going to have a hard time with that. So that’s where I draw the line, but I always will defend the rule in a group setting and I’ll attempt to do the right thing which I don’t really know what that is.”  [Joe Maddon, quoted in today’s Tribune sport section]


Joe Maddon (along with John Lackey)

Doesn’t want to ban chewing tobacky

He really does hate it

When pols legislate it.

Which makes him sound totally wacky.

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  • On the other hand, the city council and state legislature can't take care of their own business, so they get into everyone else's business.

    Maddon is right, they should ban all tobacco, but then Toni Preckwinkle would be deprived of her $3/pack, and Emanuel $1.18.

  • I do love Joe and I hope this all works out.

    I have to confide, usually when I see the words tobacky and wacky in the same context, the subject is more illegal!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Yep. That would give new meaning to a road trip.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Not quite as much as in Bob Sirott's favorite song "tripping on down on LSD" by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah.

  • The World Health Organization put processed meats like hot dogs and sausages in same carcinogenic group as tobacco last fall. And who wants to bet that the cheese sauce on the nacho's isn't a killer? Frozen pizza?...Coming soon to legislature near you.

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