In Thursday's debate Trump exposed this part of his body

Donald Trump talks about his penis on stage


“Donald Trump on Thursday addressed the issue foremost on every voter’s mind—the state of his penis. The billionaire presidential candidate said at the Republican presidential debate that, with regard to his own endowment, ‘There is no problem. I guarantee you'” []


Trump’s hands may be small but it’s not.

He implies that it’s big what he’s got.

What he means is quite plain,

It’s for sure not his brain.

For the latter’s not used quite a lot.


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  • Hillary's is bigger. Also, remember how Big P-- had to schlong someone. He's obsessed with it.

    But it is amazing how the debates in one party have nothing to do with "issues." Also, how someone got all kissy with Megyn Kelly.

  • In reply to jack:

    He did treat her graciously, didn't he? A real shape-shifter.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Not sure why. Either he is counting on amnesia among his followers, or thought that walking out on Fox hurt him in Iowa.

  • In reply to jack:

    Probably the first speculation. His followers remind me of the living dead north of the Wall in The Game of Thrones.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    'Shape-shifter?' 'Living dead?' Easy Aquinas, there are some mean bloggers on ChicagoNow that may accuse you of not having 'a kern of reality in your point of view.'....Balderdash to that! I would say to them in defending your honor.

  • Apparently something of his receded after the debate. He had to acknowledge that he couldn't compel a member of the military to obey an illegal order, even though he was egging on the yahoos on how he would waterboard. Somehow, does the word "Nuremberg" ring a bell?

    If I get sufficiently provoked, I may modify a Mel Brooks ditty. And it won't be "High Anxiety," from the movie "High Anxiety."

  • Jack, I found some people with 'standing' in this UN article. Their opinions are in the Facebook comments. You may be in a unique position to explain how their perception is so different on the President than yours, there is little opposition to gain an insight into both sides of the argument.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    You read the Daily Israel Report? And you also seem to have missed:
    At the same time, the Palestinian Authority would be obliged to officially recognize Israel as a Jewish state and would be pressured to give up the long-standing demand for a right of return.

    In short it is a negotiating position, not Drumpf telling other countries what to do. Negotiating positions are subject to debate, while apparently the Republican debate is over whether Melania Trump can verify the size of OF's Lincoln Log.

    Besides, I thought you would be more concerned about the three-term President making an endorsement in the 5th Ill. House race.

  • In reply to jack:

    I didn't miss that part, and it does seem Obama is telling Israel what to do. He tells everyone what to do and think. Obama is still in office, and is showing plenty of will to reek havoc.

    I was led to the article by a commenter in another article about Netanyahu's cancellation of a White House meeting, this appears to be the reason.

    There were a lot of angry comments from Jewish people in that article (many who voted for him), many accusing Obama of anti-Semitism. Some even pointed out Obama's 20 years at a anti-Semitic church. I was hoping to get your perspective versus theirs......I'll take a look at Obama's endorsement.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I don't comment on FB commenters.

    However, there are articles today that Trump has not made good on a promise to have named a foreign policy team, and "Foreign diplomats from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia have expressed alarm to U.S. government officials about Trump, calling his public statements inflammatory and insulting."

    For instance, how is he going to get Mexico to pay for the wall? Sue them? The country has sovereign immunity.

  • Getting back to the headline, this also seems to be a matter of dispute in the Hulk Hogan civil suit.*

    Sounds like The Hulkster wants to come off in court as another Erin Andrews, but the defense is countering that.

    I would have thought that the admitted roids use would have diminished his prowess in that regard.

    *Lead via a Tribune headline.

  • In reply to jack:

    Rather see the Hulkster rampage through the Gawker office beating every one of those low lifes into submission than seeing another giant tort payout. We need tort reform.

    Speaking of exposed body parts, keep your ladies out of NYC.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Re: the last, I didn't mention it in connection with District 211, but the impression I got was that the female girls were more concerned whether the transgender person would see if they have breast buds and fuzzy wuzzies. I don't know if they troll the internet to see the size of Hogan's rattlesnake.

    Re: the first, anything Hogan would do would be fake (note that he said he was talking about his "character" on the radio, not Terry Bollea). I rather have something like The Rock, who said "My uncle Tonga bit off someone's nose, and then calmly told the police about it."

    The tort reform is connected to why I brought up Erin Andrews. I thought she did an acting job about her emotional distress, but with testimony about the billions of Internet hits, the damages pile up fast.

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