A punch line o' type: The Chicago Tribune endorses Rubio


I like stand-up comics, a witty ad-lib;

I laugh even when I’m the butt of a rib.

So I had a guffaw

As soon as  I saw

The endorsement of Rubio now in the Trib.

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  • I was more with the Sun-Times a couple of years ago when they said they weren't endorsing. What good does it do the trademark of a newspaper to have it used for free in some candidate's ad "Endorsed by the Cook County Democratic Committee and the Chicago Tribune"?

    Anyway, Wolf Blitzer of the Trump News Network has already said that their man says he has clinched, while FNC said that the same time that either Hillary or Bernie roundly beats him by about the same margin (which is what a [T]NN poll said last week).

    But I have already voted, and then pressed 9 on another automated poll.

  • In reply to jack:

    CNN only appears to be 'in the bag' for Trump if you hate him, to me the entire MSM appears to be one giant scream against him. Sorry Jack, Wolfie is not going to knife anyone on air.

    The Trib has shocked the world by taking a political stance in favor of Rubio!!...not really, that's like picking vanilla at '31 flavors.'

    What does pressing 9 mean? Does that mean you just selected the rest of the candidates based on party?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I explained it a couple of days ago in response to your Whoo Hoo post. Go back and find it.

  • I see someone is acting on a topic you raised a couple of days ago. All 3 inches of it.

  • Rat got the message. Let's make the crocs' house great again.

  • In reply to jack:

    Fixed the link I hope.

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