Trump, what if? It's time to take the sideshow seriously.


Like most everybody I love a good jest.

Especially one that convulses the chest.

But the humor’s much darker

When a carnival barker

May be the next president. Who would have guessed?


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  • Who would of guessed?...

    'I never have thought very highly of Trump, but I have gotten a kick out some of his recent comments. Our politics, including President Obama, the Clinton's, and the Republican clown car have really entered 'the theater of the absurd.' The court needs a jester too, and he just might be an event that shows everyone the lack of clothes on our emperors.

    While the country takes in another mass murder, our politicians are passing another opaque bill that Americans are too dumb (Gruber) to be privy to in TPP. Just a small consideration on NAFTA here.'
    -4zen June 18th 2015

  • "Americans are too dumb"

    Did you pick up Trump's quote on "“We won with highly-educated, we won with poorly educated! I love the poorly educated! "

    The reality show star is PUNKING you.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Nero fiddles The Charlie Daniels Band B-side 'The Jack went down to Georgia.'

    In Other News: Chickens surprise by coming home to roost.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I had to call a social worker yesterday to ask for a mental health iintervention for someone I know. Don't make it two.

    Is Orange Face Nero? He certainly is only an arsonist.

  • Maybe to get back to it, the problem with the current media frenzy is that while Colbert characterized it as "the media has suddenly discovered that [OF] is winning primaries, because he has been winning primaries," the clips, again overwhelmingly from CNN was that OF is inevitable, based on having picked up about 110 delegates so far. Maybe AW's post is an attempt to debunk that, but it appears that the poorly educated have suddenly embraced that left-wing network, CNN.

    Also, OF and Kanye West can tweet anything outrageous and rest assured that there are Twitter followers in the media who will republish it.

  • Speaking of Twitter and mental breakdown all in one.

    Don't doubt MY predictive powers, 4zen.

  • In reply to jack:

    Maybe Jack. It is one cuckoo cuckoo do know you spelled 'intervention' with two i's up top, right?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Shaky hand, and no proofing frame in this garbage blogging software.

    However, it isn't just that OF can't spell or doesn't screen his tweets through a press aide. It is the substance.

    So, you really want a "cuckoo" President who admits he relies on the "poorly educated"?

  • In reply to jack:

    You don't have to explain the typo, it happens to all of us.

    The 'poorly educated' statement was sarcasm targeted at the critics that say his support is only from the poorly educated, which turned out to not be true. It was a brilliant way to own the slight.

    Look at what has been done to our country with the people we have/had. 19 trillion in debt? Part time service jobs? Exploding welfare and illegal immigration. ISIS/M.E. To the tower!

  • In reply to 4zen:

    The problem for a candidate who will say anything and almost get away with it is that one can't tell if it is sarcasm. One can do digging into primary sources to obtain context (note that the first time, I did quote both the highly educated and poorly educated parts), but there is no means of telling it is sarcasm.

    On your last paragraph, various articles have indicated that what can be divined from Trump's semblance of a flat tax proposal and Cruz's value added tax that he says is not a VAT is an unbelievable explosion in the deficit. OF's position on ISIS is totally inconsistent, as has been pointed out. If Rubio's charge that Trump uses illegal immigrant labor is substantiated, you are dealing with a total hypocrite. On other issues (such as taxing foreign income), Trump is a Democrat, so I'd rather have a real one.

  • In reply to jack:

    Vis a vis your last thought: So would I.

  • Maybe not unexpectedly, this has become more dangerous. Take a look at Berkowitz today, but ignore his efforts to explain things to the racist.

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