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Yoga: Poses for my Valentine [Bless you, Beth Prystowsky]

  The folllowing verse is the result of reading “Partner yoga is a healthy and bonding Valentine activity” by ChicagoNow blogger Beth Prystowsky (Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom).   Sometimes I’ve an urge to yoga on a mat; But then I forget to, which is where I’m at. Says Beth P.—never met her—... Read more »

Marco Rubio: New kid on the Establisment block? Who's he kidding?

  “A detailed review of their relationship shows that Mr. Braman, 82, has left few corners of Mr. Rubio’s world untouched. He hired Mr. Rubio, then a Senate candidate, as a lawyer; employed his wife to advise the Braman family’s philanthropic foundation; helped cover the cost of Mr. Rubio’s salary as an instructor at a... Read more »

Lemony Wicked

  “Biochemicals found in berries, citrus fruit and red wine might  help men maintain healthy erections, a nutrition study suggests>”  [Dennis Thompson in today’s Tribune A & E section]   If your sex drive has gone on vacation And there isn’t a good explanation. Squeeze a lemon or lime Drink red wine, and in time... Read more »

Rubio snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. Not.

  Won’t  someone tell him he was third? Though he speaks like this never occurred. Mr Rubio, perhaps, Doing victory laps After losing makes you look absurd.  

Financing Trump on the Sunni side of Wall Street

  “Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said on Twitter that he’s bailed the billionaire out twice — and suggested the GOP presidential frontrunner might need his help a third time.”  []   Trump contends that a deal’s an art; But a Saudi prince  he can’t outsmart. Says Prince Alwaleed: “Trump would never  succeed If not for... Read more »