A final verdict on Antonin Scalia


Of his greatness we’ll quibble and fudge;

If  granted, I would not begrudge.

But in too many cases

He left out common faces.

Of which God is the ultimate judge.


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  • Kim Davis also said that God was the only judge whether she would sign marriage licenses. So, I don't think we want to go there.

    Cf. the article I cited last night about the "judicial philosophy" of Ted Cruz, beloved of the evangelicals.

  • It appears your argument is that Scalia should have thrown out his deontological ethics to create consequences that you find more palatable.

    We should try this formula with the 'war on poverty.'

  • In reply to 4zen:

    "God must love poor people, he made so many of them." [Attribution disputed].

    Which sort of reminds me that if the Lord provides,why some Catholic school in Prospect Heights had to open a gofundme page, or why the archbishop just essentially announced a bankruptcy reorganization of its church properties.

    Going into MickeyD's, I saw they had CNN on with a banner about Trump refuting the Pope, transcript here*. Also, since Scalia was reportedly a good Catholic, it doesn't appear that religion and economic theory are coterminous.

    *After glancing that, a picked a seat not facing the TV. Didn't want to ruin the taste of the Double Filet of Fish, with a Coke Zero in which I put some Fruitopia Strawberry Passion.

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