Separated at Birth: Arne Duncan and Randy Whitman

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The last resemblance I posited  between two famous people (John Madden and Spencer Tracy) got a dissenting vote from my frequent visitor and astute commenter Jack, who thought Tracy’s jaw was a bit longer than Madden’s.

This time I think the similarity of physiognomies is beyond exception.

Randy Whitman on the left above is currently the head coach of the Washington Wizards.  He directed the injury-riddled Wizards last night in their 114 to 100 win over our Bulls.

To Whitman’s left is former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  Who happens to be a professional basketball player manque. He probably has beaten the POTUS a few times at the game of horse.

Gentle readers, what do you think?  Slam dunk?


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  • Again, #1 seems to have a rounder head and more chin, although the shadow on the chin may be due to the approach angle.

    If Duncan is to Whitman's left, he is to the right, except that at the width of my browser, one is above the other.

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