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Ted Cruz for President. Eh?

  [Written in response to e-mails I receive every few days asking me to donate to the Cruz campaign]   I’m a Liberal so in respect to Ted Cruz Disagree with about every one of his views. But I won’t run amok If they pick this Canuck For then the Republicans surely will lose.

To Republican debaters, Hillary's a pinata

Of last night’s debate a rehashing Would include talking points and some clashing. But they all did agree As do all GOP There’s nothing like Hillary bashing.

Trump has no magic with a Mic

“Whoever the hell brought this mic system, don’t pay the son of a b—-. This mic is terrible. Stupid mic keeps popping. Do you hear that George? Don’t pay him! Don’t pay him. You know, I believe in paying, but when somebody does a bad job like this stupid mic, you shouldn’t pay the bastard.... Read more »

Hillary, Alexander Hamilton would sympathize with you about those Republican probes

  I’ve been reading Ron Chernow’s brilliant biography of Alexander Hamilton.  My wife gave it to me for Christmas.  I hinted I might like it after we saw a 60 Minute piece on the Broadway musical”Hamilton” by another brilliant guy, Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Miranda said in the piece that his musical was inspired by the book.... Read more »

Separated at Birth: Arne Duncan and Randy Whitman

  The last resemblance I posited  between two famous people (John Madden and Spencer Tracy) got a dissenting vote from my frequent visitor and astute commenter Jack, who thought Tracy’s jaw was a bit longer than Madden’s. This time I think the similarity of physiognomies is beyond exception. Randy Whitman on the left above is... Read more »

White Supremacists call for Trump in Iowa

White Supremacist Group Is Making Pro-Trump Phone Calls in Iowa []   In Iowa Trump has  Supremacist Whites Robotically calling for him days and nights. These racists must dig it Because he’s a bigot. And so they support him with all of their mights.

GOP asks Hillary if she's a Socialist: Hello! We're all Socialists.

  Hillary haters are milling new grist They’re labeling her a crypto-Socialist. But Social Security And Medicare surety Are programs on which all the voters  insist.  

Funny cat videos? Don't make me laugh.

  I. POINT On funny cat videos I’m not an authority Their humor escapes me. I’m in the minority. II.COUNTERPOINT Check out Steve Dale’s “Ten Funny Cat Videos” on his ChicagoNow blog, Steve Dale’s Pet World.    

Pants for dogs?

  (I refer you to Steve Dale’s “Pants for Dogs” on his ChicagoNow blog, Steve Dale’s Pet World for further elucidation.)   Now they’re selling pants for dogs? To  owners who are  chic. I guess they’re  quite  adjustable Allowing for a  leak.

On gun violence, NRA stands for No Reasonable Action

  I listened and liked what Obama did say About gun  background checks  the other day. Since they’re  common sense  steps, Why do  NRA reps Keep  pretending he’ll take all  their weapons away?