Oprah's Bread

“Weight Watchers stock soars 19.51 percent after Winfrey plugs carb-friendly program

We all love bread — but Oprah Winfrey is the only one who can make $13.8 million in a day talking about it.

On Tuesday, the new-ish Weight Watchers minority owner posted and pinned a tweet claiming that she’s lost 26 pounds on the popular program, despite eating bread every single day — a common no-no among the anti-carb movement.

Immediately after her Twitter post, WTW stock soared, settling up 19.51 percent for the day, or plus $2.17 per share.” [thewrap.com]


On her Weight Watchers  Oprah will cheat

With slices of white, rye, and wheat.

Though the carbs may be filling

Their offset’s a killing

From an uptick of stock on Wall Street.


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  • "With slices of white, rye, and wheat."
    Probably the type of bread that is 90% air. I bet she is not going to the Polish deli for the 3 lb. rye, even if it is on the way to Abt.
    BTW, compared to someone I mentioned on Your Doubting Thomas, Oprah makes a lot of bread on Twitter.

  • One could lose weight eating lard if they kept their daily calories taken in below their daily calories burned.

    Current research on the bread most Americans eat (Jack's reference) shows that it's very unhealthy and causes a lot of inflammation. Look up red dwarf wheat if you're interested, basically was designed for easy cultivation.

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