Why lawyers have bad street cred

'I'm a personal injury attorney. Have you ever been hurt on the job?'


[The following verse owes its conception to “Hate Lawyers??? Don’t worry it’s getting harder to be one” which appeared today in Michael Helfand’s “Chicago’s Real Law Blog”]


It’s in Shakespeare: “Kill all lawyers”

Like those infesting Courthouse foyers.

Our hate for them may be prodigious

Due to the fact they are litigious.

Ambulance chasing,  guilty pleas

And worst of all, enormous fees!



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  • Aside from the constant advertising, especially on digital subchannels, which would have been considered unethical several decades ago (but some lawyer convinced the Supreme Court that there was a First Amendment right), the main problem is that most lawyers in the media are shills. Of course, it is the attorney's job to advocate the client's position, but you get those like Terry Sullivan on WGN who somehow got paid to say that Ryan and Blago did nothing illegal. I got into it with someone on Cubs Den who claimed to know the law because Gordon Wittenmyer (otherwise persona non grata there) quoted some "expert" and I was supposed to counter that. That hits me as similar to Trump claiming to be an expert on the 1st and 14th Amendments, but some are wising up that that is not the case.

  • Yes, it would be much easier to discuss how Donald Trump is ruining our lives, but an examination of this 'close to home' plague deserves some attention.

    According to 'Lawyers: An American Epidemic', the USA is home to over 70% of the world's lawyers. A Tower Watson study stated that U.S. tort costs alone were 264.6 billion in 2010, that was 6 years ago.

    Here is an article about state report cards on medical malpractice premiums and the role of tort litigation. Of course Illinois is the bottom of the barrel.

    How does a country enact a national healthcare without national tort reform?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    The last question is a good one. The answer usually is that the trial lawyers have the Dem's back.

    I'm convinced that there is plenty of medical malpractice, but all the ads show that certain lawyers are making big bucks off it.

    Similar thing to some states have no fault auto insurance, but here we have the lawyer ads with vanity phone numbers.

    I suppose a workers comp model could have been imposed on health care, although as you frequently point out, the consumer doesn't have a choice of whether to get insurance in consideration of waiving tort liability.

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