The George Lucas "Mistake on the Lake"


[I wrote the following verse after reading “The homely Lucas Museum, a vanity project, must not be built” in Joey Korom’s blog ‘Chicago Architecture Journal’]


Some people don’t fancy Star Wars on the Lake,

The Lucas Museum that is on the make.

A gelatinous blob

Where the fans would hobnob

For Han Solo’s and Yoda’s and Darth Vader’s sake.


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  • There will be a Pizza the Hutt concession inside, and probably that's on what the architecture is based.

    I won't comment on architecture except to say that Helmut Jahn's supposed masterpiece, the State of Illinois Center is said to be coming down, and Harry Weese's Pierce Tower at U of C already has. Maybe this architect will consider the weatherstripping and plumbing.

  • Korom says 'the giant Soldier Field lifts the design bar'......ironically Soldier Field looks like the Millennium Falcon landed on Rome's Colosseum.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Evocative simile. I'm imagining how the gladiators would have fought with---what are they called?---light sabers?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Would they be gored by wookies?

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