Frankenfish is coming to your supermarket



“Coming soon to your grocery store’s seafood counter: genetically engineered salmon.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the first Atlantic salmon that is genetically engineered. The decision comes as critics charge the so-called “frankenfish” is unsafe and could harm the environment.” [The Washington Examiner]


I’ve never met a Frankenfish;

I hope I never meet one.

And it is my profoundest wish

That I should never eat one.

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  • The issue with the Al Frankenfish is essentially the same one brought up by 4zen that it is one thing if it has something in it that makes humans fat or lactate, but I'm not sure there is any problem if it just makes it grow big.

    This reminds me about a comment I just made on a story that Chipotle has an e-coli epidemic in 6 states. Chipotle has signs that all its food is non-GMO because no one proved GMOs were good for you, but apparently didn't give a care about what bacteria enhanced by natural selection are doing to their customers.

    Speaking of Frankenstein or Frankenstien, it appears that the trailers for Victor Frankenstein have ripped off Mel Brooks.

  • Al? Is that short for Alimentary?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Fished out of the Alimentary Canal near the NY Route 15A bridge. Might have been a U of Rochester project.

  • Frankenfish has already arrived, consider farm raised Tilapia.

    Also consider the Monster of Mercury, the Ogre of Over Fishing, and the Foul Fanged Fraudulent Mis-label.

    It's hard to eat fish these days.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Nothing like a good laugh early in the morning. And after a disheartening heavy snow.

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