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Mariah Carey won't let time wrinkle her outlook

  “‘I think I have to remain eternally oblivious to age. Honestly, when you put a number on it yourself, it’s just like, Why? Why do that?’ Mariah Carey in People Magazine on why she never acknowledges her age (45) to make herself seem eternally young.” [Chicago Sun-Times]   Of  days on this planet Mariah’s... Read more »

Gratitude for the commonplace

  For the good things in life I give thanks: For the rivers that run in their banks. For the rise of the sun, And occasional fun, And some mustard to put on my franks.

Mr. Byrne, compassion for refugees is not a card game

      “Now he’s playing the compassion card to ridicule Americans who have real and genuine fears of Islamic terrorists making their way into America with the Syrian refugees.” [Dennis Byrne, ChicagoNow blogger]   We’re a country of immigrants; such As the  refugees who need  help much. Some think  out of fashion This  “card”... Read more »

Frankenfish is coming to your supermarket

  “Coming soon to your grocery store’s seafood counter: genetically engineered salmon. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the first Atlantic salmon that is genetically engineered. The decision comes as critics charge the so-called “frankenfish” is unsafe and could harm the environment.” [The Washington Examiner]   I’ve never met a Frankenfish; I hope... Read more »

To defeat Isis, let's channel President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  In Depression’s grip  FDR had it right That our ultimate peril was fright. We are more insecure Motivated by fear And less likely we will  win the fight.

My Favorite Quote

    I  could fill many spiral notebooks with my favorite quotes. And I did so  over the many years I taught in parochial and public schools. Here is one I especially like because of how the author.,Ashley Montagu,  answers the perennial question, Nature or Nurture? “The evidence strongly suggests that it can no longer... Read more »

Craven Governor Rauner panders to xenophobic fears

  “Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday said Illinois will temporarily suspend accepting Syrian refugees following deadly attacks in Paris last week.” [] Our governor  has issued the  curious orders To stop any refugees crossing our borders. How misguided is he? For  it says “Liberty” On our nickels and dimes and our  pennies and quarters.

Broadway melodies can give the brain a tune-up

  Note: Recent research seems to indicate that singing show tunes like “The Sound of Music” improves cognitive function in the elderly.   You do not  have to be a great singer To be pleasing to Fate’s Moving Finger. Studies show  if you croon Lustily a  show tune Your joie de vivre  will longer linger.... Read more »

Will the Republican Party draft Romney for President?

  I know that  the field  is  crowded a bit Still I wonder if Romney is thinking of it. Yes,  he  says he is not. Now the GOP’s got No one electable, they must admit.  

Reflections on growing old

  (Thanks for reminding me, Miriam Iwrey, whose post “Age is a number” appears today in her “Midlife Transitions” blog) Age is a number No doubt about that. It’s doing one on me And that’s where I’m at.