Playboy decides to leave something to the imagination



“Playboy has decided to stop publishing images of nude women, ending the magazine’s 62-year practice that made it a cultural icon.”  []


So many years Playboy’s been viewed

For women pictured in the nude.

Movie starlets, campus cuties

Frequently exposed their booties.

Callow  youngsters came of age

While ogling its stapled page.

But now  with bated breath and hushed

No more will women be airbrushed.

He’s had a good run, Hefner knows.

“It’s time our women wore some clothes.”


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  • Airbrushed probably sums it up, as one can see anything on the Internet. The question is whether it becomes an old man's Maxim, or even some sort of cross between The Atlantic Monthly and Esquire. Either way, doesn't look promising.

  • Love this poem, but am baffled by all this talk about "no more nudity"....Playboy's women have always had some bit of clothing on, especially during the early years--even if it was just one stocking! LOL! If this is their way of shoring up the bottom line, I'm all for it--although I hate for it to be at the expense of the glamour of the iconic Playboy Playmate image.

  • In a related economic development, Hyatt is discontinuing pay per view porn, since patrons can get it on their smartphones. It appears they provide free WiFi, too, I guess for business other than commerce.

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