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Carly Fiorina tilts at the tax code

      The tax code’s unwieldy most people agree. Its myriad  pages for those lawyerly. Still I laughed like hyenas When I heard Fiorina’s Intent to reduce all its pages to three.

Rubio the big winner in Debate #3? Go figure.

  Some say Rubio won the debate When he struck out Jeb Bush at the plate. Though Jeb rightfully noted The guy hardly voted And was not really serving his state.

Reality bites: the Democratic race for president

  In the Democrat president’s tourney Hillary has a big lead on Bernie. Webb and Chafee bowed out And there is little doubt Soon O’Malley  will be on a gurney.

Meditation on the Fall

  Now the  trees shed the  leaves that  forsake them Just as God in His wisdom did make them. But I wish in His plan That He didn’t make man As the one who’d eventually rake them.

Oprah joins Weight Watchers and gains

  Oprah’s brand is as solid as rock; Paved with gold are the streets on her block. So when Weight Watchers went And sold her ten percent All the fat cats began to take stock.

Trey puts Hillary on the hot seat

  Most people probably never heard Of Harold Watson Gowdy III But they may  have  if I would say Familiarly he’s known as ‘Trey’. He chairs the Benghazi committee Supposedly after its nitty-gritty. No, not  truth he seeks; he wants to pillory, According to a cohort,  Hillary.*   *“’Let me give you one example,’ McCarthy... Read more »

Jim Webb succumbs to apathy

  Jim Webb has left the president race, Few knew his name and few his  face. Ambition told him he could  win it, But most couldn’t  care less  he was in it    

Sriracha leaves me cold. I'll stick with ketchup.

“Even inmates demand ‘rooster sauce,’ at least according to ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ Must mean Sriracha is the new ketchup.” [Leah Eskin in the Tribune’s Life & Style Sunday magazine]   I’m allergic to anything spicy. Just a nibble for me would be dicey When I read that sriracha Is a hot sauce, I... Read more »

My take on fantasy sports

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board ruled daily fantasy sports sites are forms of gambling and can no longer operate in the state.” [CNBC]   I don’t play the slots as a general rule The lottery’s not a good plan to see. Let  others indulge in DraftKings and FanDuel, Sci-Fi  movies will do  for my  fantasy.

Gambling on the Cubs

  To win the World Series the odds have been set And the Cubs are the ones on whom  bookies would bet. The Blue Jays and Royals And Mets seem  mere foils. Are you ready to wager the ranch on it yet?