The kitchen is not a red-light district (with a shout out to Brett Baker)


Author’s note: The table for the following verse was set by “Can we please stop describing food as sexy?” by ChicagoNow blogger Brett Baker.


As for cooking shows one of my wishes

Is that, whether of meats or of fishes,

I don’t want  cuisine

To be raw or obscene

So stop  calling them sexy dishes.


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  • Gets back to asking my girlfriend whether she prefers an 8" Ditka, 10" Italian or 12" Polish (actual street fair fare).

    But I agree that I don't get the sexy food business. There was a new Cook's Country today, which reinforced that the segues where food is shown in sepia tones makes the food very unappetizing. However, I still can't get off on meatloaf frosted in mashed potatoes.

    The problem seems to be that Brett Baker (a name that works?) didn't figure out that all the food shows are not how to cook but were hyped up because the Food Network couldn't make money with conventional fare.But while I am not on Facebook, apparently Hormel is on his blog. Musubi, anybody?

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