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Jake Arrieta's no-hitter a thing of beauty

  His sweet command, his mastery, The coup de grace the final three: The L.A. Dodgers didn’t get a Single hit ‘gainst Arrieta! "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness; but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of... Read more »

Taking a dip in the Chicago River might be your last

“But while Mayor Rahm Emanuel is fond of calling the river Chicago’s ‘next recreational frontier,’ the partially treated wastewater that pours constantly into its channels poses stomach-churning health risks to people who come in contact with the murky flow.” [Michael Hawthorne, “Chicago River teems with filth” Sunday’s Tribune below the fold]   The Chicago River... Read more »

Trump has a hairy moment in South Carolina

  “Donald Trump invites a woman onto the stage to prove his hair is real, after the New York Times reported on the fact that some in the Spanish-speaking media have been calling him: “El hombre del peluquin” — The man of the toupee. ‘I don’t wear a toupee! It’s my real hair. I swear.'”  ... Read more »

Would you have a reptile for a pet?

  [Note: I stole the rhythmic first line from ChicagoNow blogger Steve Dale who this morning  posted “Be careful when buying reptiles” . Otherwise, I go in a completely different direction.]   Be careful when buying reptiles For they have the most cryptic of smiles You may  think that you wanna Bring home an  iguana,... Read more »

The Cubs and the SI curse

  The Cubs can be seen celebrated On the cover of Sports Illustrated. It’s an honor, I guess, But I fear, ne’ertheless, It may mean they will wind up  ill-fated.

Immigration will be Trump's undoing

  In a country of justice for all, What Trump says should only appall. If you have  privilege Then  be building a bridge Instead of erecting a wall.  

The Warren piece: Is Joe Biden really going to run?

  So what will you do, Mr. Biden? Will the candidate field  you widen? Would you make a dint in The  chances of Clinton? Please think of that while you’re decidin”

Is this Jon Lester's fatal flaw?

  It seems that at times he is curst Though  it could be he’s over the worst Yet what really bugs me Lester’s paid royally But for some reason can’t throw  to first.    

Trump's Bible: Alabamy bound

“Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.”   Last night in the Deep South what Trump said was tribal: That his favorite book’s— I’m not kidding— the Bible. In a campaign discourse, One might wonder, perforce, Isn’t this more or less blasphemous libel?  

Trump doing Time? A misdeal.

  As Trump’s poll numbers steadily climb It isn’t surprising that I’m So happy they got What’s like his mugshot To put on the cover of Time.