GOP outraged at Trump's attack on McCain. They weren't when the target was John Kerry.

Jeb Bush Sent Thank-You Note To Swift Boat Vets For John Kerry Smear


“It turns out that in 2005, Jeb thought one veteran in particular should be attacked.

He even thanked other veterans for swiftboating John Kerry, whom Republican conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who has never served his country, decided to accuse of cowardice in order to keep him out of the White House.” []

Whatever Trump says,  John McCain

Is a true war hero, duly noted.

But where was McCain and his defenders

When Senator Kerry was swift-boated?

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  • Interesting article Aquinas, I'm a little embarrassed to admit I didn't know the origin of the term. Regardless of the truth of what happened, it does appear 'chicken's came home to roost' for Kerry. He swift-boated vets after he left the war and they swift-boated his highest ambition. If he truly believed in his anti-Vietnam rhetoric at the time then he needn't have regrets about how it played out.

    And as the supreme leader of Iran today called for the Muslim world to unite and destroy Israel, Kerry can relish in his crowning achievement of giving the world largest supporter of terrorism 100 billion dollars.

    For as the rest of that motley crew, I don't much care, except I had hoped Trump would carry some of the important issues he had brought up a little further before he imploded.

  • I agree with what I think both of you are saying. In this era of coarsened political discourse, seemingly patriotic terms such as "hero" have taken on a partisan meaning. Whether someone was a hero in the past now depends upon whether he or she agrees with me today.

  • Maybe it has more to do with Trump becoming a bigger a-hole day by day (giving out Lindsey Graham's phone number yesterday) there is some urgency to knock him out.

  • In reply to jack:

    Of course Lindsey Graham doesn't bring up the time he called Trump to ask him to put in a good word for him at Fox News.

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