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Some things just shouldn't go viral

I’m sick of those videos That always go viral. Of celebs who meltdown Of stunts Miley-Cyral. Of cheap sleazy outfits Cut low to look splashy in. Of outrageous conduct And all things Kardashian.      

Cubs pitcher, Neil Ramirez, sidelined by something to sneeze at

[“I was sitting at my house and sneezed and it was one of those violent sneezes I wasn’t ready for. That’s when I first felt that sharpness.”  Neil Ramirez, quoted in today’s Tribune Sports Section.]   The Cubs put Ramirez back on the DL; He pulled an oblique and is not feeling well. It’s reported... Read more »

In defense of bicycle riders: Peter Bella notwithstanding

I wrote the following after reading ChicagoNow blogger Peter Bella’s “A Modest Proposal for Bicyclists”.   There’s a blogger who says that among his dislikes Is the reckless unlawful way people ride bikes. I think he should chill ‘Cause I don’t think they kill As often as people who drive down turnpikes.

How I became a dog owner for the first time. And regretted it.

I envy people who have total command of their dogs. I’ve owned in my time  three of them  outright.  Although I shouldn’t  count the first one whom  we got early in our marriage. He —they’ve all been males—lasted  a very  brief time.  It was our first apartment on a corner across  from Gage Park High... Read more »

A Liberal assessment of Donald Trump

  One of my frequent commenters, 4zen, wonders if I’m starting to like Donald Trump.  Bite my tongue. No question, he’s a B candidate.  As in B-movie. B as in brash, brazen, braggart, bumptious, bizarre, badass, bull-in-the-china-shop. And the ever-popular, bloviating. Did I leave any out? I like the sideshow he’s orchestrating. How not to... Read more »

Overbearing Trump lowers the boom on asinine Lindsey Graham

  Donald Trump says Lindsey Graham Asked his help so Fox would pay ‘im. Which makes one wonder who’s the ass. I could address that, but I’ll pass.

Are you seeing more crow's feet these days?

Thanks to ChicagoNow blogger Weather Girl and her wonderful  post “The Language of Crows” for reminding me of the following. I wonder if average Joe knows The word for a number of crows? Of course, every  birder Would say it’s a  murder; A fact  that their specialty shows.

To those (like Bonnie McGrath) who still lament the demotion of Pluto

  I wrote this after reading the following in Bonnie McGrath’s ChicagoNow blog, Mom, I think I’m poignant:  “So Clyde [Tombaugh]  and his story have always been a family story for us. When Pluto was downgraded from planet to dwarf planet, it stung our whole family.  My mother cried.”   Though it’s true no one’s... Read more »

GOP outraged at Trump's attack on McCain. They weren't when the target was John Kerry.

  “It turns out that in 2005, Jeb thought one veteran in particular should be attacked. He even thanked other veterans for swiftboating John Kerry, whom Republican conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who has never served his country, decided to accuse of cowardice in order to keep him out of the White House.” [] Whatever Trump... Read more »

Tom Selleck quenches his thirst...illegally

  “TV star Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing water amid California’s drought from a neighboring water district.“ []   While in the drought most people schlepped, Sweat in the daylight,  when  they slept. The law conserving water kept, All bound by conscience. All, except Tom Selleck, wealthy aquaklept.*   *from the Greek “kleptein”... Read more »